Leap To Your Feet Appalachian Dancers

And Soyaband

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“SOYABAND”   Are the musicians who accompany “Leap To Your Feet”.

Members of the band play:

Appalachian Dulcimer,

5 string Banjo,

Bass Guitar,



Acoustic and Electric Guitar,

Hurdy Gurdy




The band play a wide variety of tunes and dances from England, Scotland, Ireland and the USA.

Several of the band also perform as a singing group


Strange name, how did we get it?

Someone said

“The dancers leap to their feet, what do the band do?”


“Sit On Your A...”

Over the years the band line up has changed many times.  Two members have been there since the beginning and many of the others for 15 or more years.

At present there are 8 musicians who regularly play at the weekly dance rehearsals.  For performances, the Soyaband can comprise anything from 3 to 8 people.

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